Make me…your genie! ( no one likes an unkempt genie!)

Hello! My life’s been so very- let’s just say sad. BUT I’ve recently found the man of my dreams- literally he couldn’t be more perfect for me! But he needs a genie- since I’m nymph like or I was until I was treated like I already was a genie. But genies sit around for hundreds of years and don’t get fat or unkempt. People are just as much mean as they aren’t as thoughtful as they may want to be. So please assist me in assuming the physical condition I need to return to being in by not being poor

Budget: GBP 100.00
Delivery: 28 days
Deadline: 30 April 2024
Tags: beauty., Divine, Dreams, Faith, Genie, Happiness, Help, Honesty, Hope, Love, Magic, Nymph, Poor, Sad, WhiteMagic
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4 April 2024