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Budget: GBP 10.00 - GBP 20.00
Delivery: 30 days
Tags: Amazon, freelancing, listing., ppc, seller center

A software engineer with extensive experience (3+years) in software development. Well experienced in cross-platform development using python/JavaScript, including experience in developing machine learning models and A.I algorithms. Remuneration will initially be based on equity. Percentage of equity will be dependent on hours invested. Open to negotiations.


Indian Professional in Procurement and related Supply Chain Operations, with 24+ years hands on experience spearheading day to day operations in over six industries, spanning multiple global geographies . Lead large teams managing end to end Materials and Spend management, covering Manufacturing , KPO/BPO and Service Areas , setting up and streamlining Operations in Techno- Commercial Functions.

Tags: BPO, Consultant, India, outsourcing, Procurement, Sourcing, Spend Management, Supply Chain

I need a mobile barber to help me with my hair. The person would have to show they are COVID free and wear both protective coverings and masks. Sanitised tools would also be required.

Budget: GBP 10.00 - GBP 50.00
Delivery: 1 day
Tags: Barber
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I need a Solicitor to draft up an air-tight NDA for my business

Budget: GBP 200.00 - GBP 200.00

I need somebody to test my website for usability and vulnerability


I need somebody to make outbound calls for my marketplace website. Cold calling customers and getting them to sign up. £5 per Buyer sign up.

Budget: GBP

I need a teacher for my year one child going to Year 2 in September. One hour tutoring on Maths and English is required. I need somebody who is patient, genuinely nice, and great with kids.

Budget: GBP 1.00 - GBP 30.00

I need a plasterer to help sort damp out on a couple of walls


I need somebody to complete bookkeeping work for my business. I am happy to pay £10 per hour, but the work must be completed every time.

Budget: GBP 10.00

I need somebody to call potential customers on my behalf to help generate appointments or actual sale of services for my accounting firm. £40 for each customer


I need somebody to help complete a half-finished mobile app for my website

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