What paidwork can I do from Home?

With the COVID-19 pandemic forcing nearly all businesses to vacate their workplaces, the demand for remote work is now greater than ever. As a result, work-from-home jobs are on the rise and skilled people who are willing to put in the time and effort are getting paid quite well as a result.
When it comes to paidwork from home, there are all kinds of jobs available on the top jobs marketplaces online – one of the leading ones being PaidWork.
You may already have experience working online with clients as a freelancer or this may be your first time foraying into the world of online work-from-home jobs. There’s a good chance you’ve wondered what kind of jobs are available to do from home.
Here’s a list that sheds light on just that:

Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants or virtual support specialists are responsible for providing technical and administrative support for a broad range of industries including legal, healthcare, IT, finance and government. In some cases, they are required to render creative services as well where they may be asked to perform certain ad-hoc functions which fall outside the typical administrative and technical support sphere.
Computer Support Specialist
Many call centres, non-profits, corporations and small businesses alike are hiring computer support specialists to work from home. In fact, a remote computer support specialist happens to be one of the most commonly listed and searched for jobs on freelancing sites.
Website Developer
Skilled web developers are always in high demand as they help businesses design eye-catching websites, which they can, in turn, use to market their services and attract more audience members. Web development jobs are wide and varied as web developers can apply their skills directly in advertising, publishing, management consulting and other fields.
Thanks to how easy it is to connect with anyone around the world, teachers and students now have more opportunities to work with each other, no matter what their geographical location.
With academic institutions now going almost completely online, the number of online tutors and teachers offering after-school services has also risen monumentally.
If you have any kind of teaching experience, you may be able to help someone learn their desired subject and earn a good amount of money too while working from the comfort of your home. The PaidWork platform makes it very easy for teachers and students to communicate.

Social media specialist

Prior to the global pandemic, social media was already a hot topic as businesses were utilising the expertise of social media specialists left and right to get their voices heard. Now that almost all businesses have resorted to online marketing, advertising and selling, social media experts are in very high demand.
If you’re a natural at using the power of social media platforms like Twitter or Facebook to help businesses promote their presence and offerings, you should join PaidWork’s network of freelancers who are working from home and making a generous income on the projects they successfully complete.