How to find paidwork when you are Short of Money

For many of us, there are going to be certain months when sticking to the planned budget is easy. However, there may be months when you just can’t stick to your budget and end up being short on cash.
Not everyone has an emergency fund to lean on, and sometimes, unexpected expenses like a medical bill or car repairs can cause you to plough right through your budget at the start of the month.
If you ever run short on cash, here are a few things you can do to find paidwork:

Tap into your creative juices

It happens to the best of us, where we often run into situations that cause us to exhaust our cash supply for any given month. This is actually a good chance to get creative.
A temporary side gig like teaching, writing or working as a virtual assistant can sometimes pay surprisingly well, especially if you have specific skills which you apply at such jobs.
An online jobs marketplace like PaidWork can help you get in touch with people who are on the hunt for people like ‘you’ – people who can help them get the job done, whether it’s writing for their company blog, filling in virtual help desk hours or help with designing a website.

Grab gigs online

No matter what your skills are as a professional or what kind of services you offer, it’s quite likely that you’ll find someone on PaidWork who’s willing to hire you for a specific task or set of tasks.
There’s terrific potential to make money – be it in blogging, website design, social media marketing, legal advice, consultancy or just about anything, really, as long as the service can be extended online.
There are people who are making anywhere between £5-20 each hour, and then there people who are earning upwards of £50 each hour. It all depends on what your skills are, how quickly you can deliver the goods and how many hours you’re willing to put in.

Sell photos

If you have an eye for photography, there’s plenty of money you can make selling photos on iStockPhoto or ShutterStock. This can help you enjoy a passive income from something that you’re deeply passionate about.
But this isn’t the only way to find paidwork when you’re low on cash. If you have a good camera and some experience shooting quality photos, you can also offer to cover a friend’s engagement, wedding ceremony or baby shower.

Online personal trainer

With the global lockdown and just about every gym closed, this may be a good time to hook up your webcam and start giving personal training lessons online. If you have a reasonably good understanding of fitness and training, you can add a lot of value to people’s lives by helping them stay fit and healthy.


Schools and academic institutions have gone almost completely online, which means learners are also looking for after-school online tutors.
Sign up for free on PaidWork now and you browse through a number of job openings which can help you find paidwork when you’re short on cash.