How to find paidwork Experience near me

While freelancing or paidwork online is a great way to make ends meet, landing a gig with that first client is almost always fraught with challenges and setbacks.
If you’re keen on working from home to earn your livelihood, sit back and take a read because here’s how you can find “paidwork experience near me”:

Experience before paycheck

You’re most likely interested in searching for ‘paidwork experience near me’ because you’re passionate about what you do, and not only because you want to make money.
This is where you must find a delicate balance between experience and paycheck. Since you’re new to this whole paidwork thing, you should resist the temptation to focus primarily on money or ask for the same hourly rate that experienced freelancers are putting up on their profiles.
Let’s say the first job you land earns you anywhere between £5 and £10. While that may not be much to begin with, it will certainly give you more exposure. And once you’ve gained enough exposure working £5-10 gigs, you can start raising the price because the people you work with will know you’re good for it.

Thing about your current skills

You don’t have any experience at the moment, which is why you probably keyed in the search term ‘how to find paidwork experience near me’ in the first place. But this definitely does not mean that you don’t have anything valuable to offer.
This is a good time to list down all the unique experiences you have had throughout your professional life. This will help you focus on key selling points which you can pitch to prospective clients and stand out from all the other paidwork seekers.
Perhaps your background in accounting could help a potential client market and sell a new piece of accounting software. Or perhaps you’re really good with Microsoft Word and telling stories – you can put those skills to use to write insightful articles for a potential client.
Never hesitate to think out of the box and identify unique traits and specific skills that set you apart and make potential clients take you seriously – even if you have no experience at the moment.

Fully understand your niche

It’s understandable that you’re really eager and excited to kick off your remote paidwork career. However, despite all the enthusiasm (which is a good thing), you should first take some time to understand your chosen industry.
At a top-rated freelancing jobs marketplace like PaidWork, for example, you’ll be up against many other freelancers who’ll be vying for the same gig. So it’s important to understand how things work in your niche. For example, are businesses eager to hire people with your skills and area of expertise? What is the average rate of pay and will it be acceptable to you in both the short and long run?

Starting your paid job search

PaidWork is the UK’s top online jobs marketplace. Once you’ve given the above some thought, start by registering an account, build your profile and start bidding on projects.