Determine how much you earn by working more or less

There is a longstanding belief that working more will ensure greater gains in the end. If we were to continue along with that train of thought, we could determine how much we earn by how many hours we put into our work. Essentially, more work would equal more money. Is that necessarily the case, though? Many, however, would argue against that one-to-one equation, and would say just the opposite. But what would a world in which we were to get paid more for doing less look like?

First of all, working too much might help you find and complete more paidwork in the beginning, but there is a point of burnout that everyone is susceptible to. And, when that happens all bets are off concerning how much productivity can happen.

The quality of your work is also negatively impacted when you are tired or overly stressed. Many proponents of a shorter workweek argue that the quality and efficiency of work that people are able to do depends greatly on their overall wellbeing and ability to cope with all that a task requires of them. For many, working longer hours for sake of hard work is actually counterproductive as it will diminish the quality of one’s work over a period of time.

Freelancers are among the types of workers who are regularly faced with this issue. Taking on more tasks means bringing in more money at the end of month, but how much work can one do in a month? And, how long can one work at 120% capacity before throwing in the towel? Some handle heavy workloads better than other so there is not black and white answer here, but everyone has a breaking point that will surface sooner or later.

If you are working from home developing your freelance career it is likely that you have realized that how doing more may not always equal success. However, doing less also means less money which is something no one wants. Fortunately, there is a solution. You can step back from your work and try to see things from a different perspective. One way to do that is to find the experts you need to bring your freelance business to the next level. Once you have secured a team of professionals, you can accept larger projects that pay better. And the best part is that your time is spent on project management, quality control, and client relations, which are all essential parts of making more money while doing less.

To determine how much you earn by working more or less you only have to ask yourself one question: will I work smarter and more efficiently if I avoid getting bogged down by long hours of tedious work? If your answer to that question is yes, you are ready to take your freelance business to the next level. Find the support you require to grow your earning potential exponentially, all while reducing your work hours.