How it works

How it Works

Get the most from PaidWork and live your work dream

Whether you need a logo design for your new blog, or a video presenter who will help your introduce your company to potential clients, you are at the right place. For everything that you do not know how to do yourself, or you simply don’t have the time, PaidWork freelancers are at your service.

Find a service that you need

Compare prices, portfolios, delivery time, and community recommendations in order to find a seller that best suits your needs. If you have a specific question, simply send them an enquiry.

Supply your brief

Be as detailed as possible so the seller can provide you with the quality service that you are expecting. Your payment is held secure until you confirm that the service has been delivered to your satisfaction.

Manage the transaction

Exchange files and feedback with the seller via the built-in conversation and transaction management system. The seller will deliver their service within a specified pre-agreed time frame.

Approve the service

Once you are happy with the service performed you can mark the transaction complete, and we’ll make sure that the seller gets paid. Help the community by leaving feedback for the seller.

PaidWork provides you with an opportunity to turn your knowledge, talent or hobby into a permanent source of income! We’re here to provide security, privacy, and timely payments to help you, so you can focus on what you’re best at.

Post your service

Advertise what service you can provide for others. Be as specific as possible so your clients will know exactly what they are getting for the money they are paying.

Communicate promptly

Respond to customer enquiries, as well as requests for custom offers, within a reasonable time. Good communication is a prerequisite for successful cooperation.

Build your reputation

Keep delivering great work and your reputation will grow. Satisfied customers will leave feedback after completion of a job well done and your feedback rating will help you to secure more and more work.

PaidWork helps you to find your dream role. Not only can you search through detailed job descriptions to find that role you’ve been looking for, employers and recruiters can also reach out to you directly with roles they think you would be great for. So make sure to complete your profile fully to showcase how great you are, because that perfect opportunity might be right around the corner…

Update your Profile

Completing your profile gives prospective employers the best chance to discover what makes you stand out from the crowd. Not only will potential employers be able to discover more from your applications, you will also show up in more search categories from employers and recruiters. As a cherry on top, having a profile which is over 90% completed automatically enters you into our monthly prize draw for £1,000!

Job Applications

Find full/part-time jobs you qualify for and apply for them. Always submit a cover letter that shows you have done a thorough research of the employer. Your cover letter should indicate that you have thought about the role, matched your skillsets to the role, and made it impossible for a reasonable person not to include your name on the shortlist.

Communicate promptly

Respond to employer emails and messages as well as requests for availability within a couple of hours. Recruiters work very quickly, and they fill most roles within 48 hours.

Are you looking for the most talented people in the world? Your search cannot be complete without using PaidWork. If you are looking for first-class candidates with superior experience and personalities, you need to talk to them on PaidWork.

Candidate Listing

Using the search function on our Candidate Listing page, find top-quality candidates with the desired skillsets, and in the locations you want.

Candidate Profile

Once your search result comes up with prospective candidates, view their profiles, save them as favourites to shortlist, review their profiles, and communicate with them via PaidWork messaging, email or WhatsApp.

Post new jobs

To help you better collate the list of candidates that match your job description, post a new job and let the right candidates start applying to your role. From £50 for a single job listing to £1000 for a platinum package with 50 Job posts, you can’t find a better deal anywhere for a 6-week job ad. Start your talent search on PaidWork today.

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