PaidWork is a jobs marketplace created to facilitate the demand and supply of jobs and services. Validated buyers can use the site for advertising their jobs/projects, and any qualified and verified professional can respond with an offer to undertake the project/job.


This platform is to help people in the UK and all over the world transition to remote working – the new normal. Mostly, we are a marketplace for those who want quality work done at reasonable prices and those who want to deliver those services as best as possible. We protect both buyers and sellers by ensuring buyers deposit the agreed contract price in escrow with PaidWork, and sellers deliver the services requested to the satisfaction of the buyer before funds are released. We provide free mediation services when there is a disagreement. Still, most of all want to facilitate an open market allowing the forces of demand and supply to operate with minimum constraints.


Over time, as with all free markets, we expect the cream to rise to the top; top professionals with the best recommendations and reputations are matched with project offers from buyers who have excellent records of clearly defining the project, objectives, and making a prompt release of funds. Both buyers and sellers are rated, and users can interchange between their buyer and seller profiles as they so wish.


PaidWork is here to facilitate work, allowing honest workers to work as much as they want and earn as much as they need while dream projects are made a reality and the world a better place. Sign up and start using PaidWork today.